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    At Digicode we never start with what we have. We always start with what our clients need.

    Working on multiple projects for our clients around the globe we noticed how painful the process was from the moment they realized they needed a robust CRM till the moment the project was complete.

    The CRM market has a lot to offer. Every year new vendors show up on Gartner MQ, some disappear, some from disruptors and visionaries turn into another just CRM on the market. However, regardless of how rich are the features and how robust is the system, the key for failure or success of any CRM system lies with the implementation team.

    Ability to map business processes to CRM flow, properly define sales and marketing can be automated, how to build a proper funnel and analyse conversions becomes critical for the success of the client’s team.

    At Digicode we decided to apply our knowledge of CRM and experience in other areas of technology to build a comprehensive and consistent implementation and customization methodology.

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      Why Digicode is Credible

      At Digicode we have been building Mobile Apps since the day they were invented. During the last decade we used almost all of the technologies to build Mobile Apps, native and cross-platform. Since we never locked ourselves into one particular technology, we were able to develop a broad understanding of mobile needs. We built dozens of Mobile Apps. But we also committed to find the best possible solution for our customers. Once we started using React Native or Flutter, we were able to reduce development and maintenance cost by 30-40%, to deliver the same user experience on both Android and iOS, to perfectly synchronize releases and to shorten development cycle. We also developed a methodology to convert existing Native Mobile App to React Native or Flutter Apps. Our unique approach, methodology and the toolset allow us to avoid risks and reduce the development cost.



      It may sound surprising to some, but very often technology decisions are made based on personal preferences and the level of personal comfort. Development and maintenance cost, scalability, robustness VS. actual need, availability of development resources are often overlooked or completely ignored while making technology decisions. At Digicode we strive to keep our objectivity and to avoid “one-size-fits-all” approach. We have experts in a broad set of technologies and we don’t need to convince our customers to use particular technology because we feel most comfortable with it. We have the technical ability to deliver your product on any mobile technology. React Native and Flutter Apps are not panacea for all types of Mobile Apps. But we see that for over 80% of business and productivity Apps it is a perfect alternative for traditional technology. Our approach is always based on a combination of science and engineering – come up with an idea and make it into a repeatable and reliable process with consistent results.

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      Our methodology starts with an assessment of the current Native Mobile Apps to see if it can be a good candidate for conversion. Once conversion is considered feasible, we will use a set of tools to create automated tests of the existing application. This will be the key for the quality of the final product. Dissemination and extraction of visual assets and business logic comes next. OS-specific parts of the original code will be rebuilt using React Native or Flutter. Once assembled together, we would use the set of automated tests we created from the original Android or iOS app to test the new React Native or Flutter Apps and fine tune it until behaviour the original Apps and the new ones are identical.

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