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Digicode is your reliable technology partner for cost-effective and scalable digital solutions. Working with us, you can access unlimited opportunities, skills and quality resources with deep expertise in topics ranging from MVP development to enterprise modernization. Our team offers a full range of services, including everything you need to create a quality product.

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Our specialisation

As an IT company, the Digicode team collaborates with clients to develop the best custom software solutions for web, cloud, mobile, and desktop through an Agile mindset and pragmatic approach. We try to understand your business as well as you do and find the right solution to ensure you have a digital product that customers will love and that drives the metrics that matter.

Custom Software Development

Technology for business is not “one-size-fits-all.” While there are plenty of great COTS solutions for standard processes, at some point, any business needs to transform these to fit its business model, especially tech companies. At Digicode, we know what it takes to gain meaningful results. We work closely with our clients to understand the problem they’re trying to solve and find the best technology solution.


We have a track record of successfully working with startups, SMBs, and enterprises, assisting in turning their ideas into profitable businesses. From a go-to-market strategy to a successful product stage, we offer guidance, skills, and insight that delivers outstanding results and continued success in today’s increasingly competitive markets. Digicode also offers consulting in other technology areas, such as Data Center Strategy, ERP, CRM, Cybersecurity, etc.

Mobile Apps

At Digicode, we provide native and cross-platform mobile app development services: from prototyping to distribution apps to AppStore and Google Play. Our IT experts use the latest technologies to ensure the highest level of security, constantly monitor trends to create a modern user experience and focus on solving real-life business problems. Also, we have solutions for startups with limited time and budget and for enterprise mobility focused on security, reliability and scale.

Staff Augmentation
and Outsourcing

Recruiting highly qualified technologists is difficult and expensive. Using tech company experience, skills, and in-depth knowledge, startups and enterprises can solve their business challenges by engaging world-class IT professionals to develop their tech products with a convenient hiring model. We integrate into client’s projects and accompany them all along the road from an idea to a successful product release or wherever their business goals and ambitions will take them.

UI/UX and Design

At Digicode, we understand the importance of usability and design to build successful products. UI/UX plays a key role in a product’s success. Creating a user journey, simplifying and intuitive processes, clearly presenting information, and encouraging users to take targeted action are the basic steps to meeting customer needs and achieving business goals. Digicode can help you build irresistible products that will help turn users into brand ambassadors and increase NPS.


Digicode has a unique approach to helping businesses modernize their processes with new technologies, including AI, Machine Learning, and AR/VR, while reducing cost and disruption risks. Our modernization experts help you discover new opportunities and increase profitability through new business models, productivity, usability, efficiency, and global reach. Our flexible models allow our customers to seamlessly migrate from legacy platforms to new ones while protecting critical processes and avoiding downtime.

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Our industry expertise

At Digicode, we co-create and build cutting-edge fintech solutions to ensure our customers thrive in the financial digital market. Our software engineers can help you ideate, design, build, scale and evolve winning fintech ventures and financial digital products on scope and budget

Digicode, a custom software development firm in Dallas, empowers the education and corporate sectors with engaging content and diversified custom eLearning solutions like LMS, LCMS, and LXP. We help EdTech companies take their learning experience to the next level to impact their learners, realize their goals and achieve measurable results.

With deep industry expertise and profound experience in working with Big Data, we provide a wide range of MarTech engineering services, building automated tools to achieve better customer engagement, increase efficiency of marketing efforts, and reduce MarTech operational costs for better business outcomes.

Our healthcare software developers in Dallas, Texas provide highly-customizable HealThtech solutions for healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses including internal procedures, administrative tasks, telemedicine and digital data management implemented HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

We’re a PropTech software development company in Dallas, TX with hands-on real estate expertise and full-stack developers on board. Digicode provides top-notch PropTech solutions to maximize your business value and simplify workflows across numerous real estate functions.

Being a provider of custom software development in Dallas, we offer revolutionary logistics development solutions such as transport & logistics platforms, procurement management systems, asset tracking, warehouse, inventory and document management to simplify your forwarding processes and manage your complex supply chain.

For the past 15 years, we have helped HoReCa companies in their digital transformation and business scaling. We build technology-edge travel & hospitality software solutions to outrun competitors and tackle issues such as technology engineering, effective reputation management, personalizing customers experience, etc.

We’re a custom software development firm in Dallas that empowers the most efficient social features into software development solutions, gamify corporate culture with social capabilities, build expert community portals and turn social media ideas into adventuring applications.

Our IT experts has many years of combined telecommunication industry experience and appropriate technology stacks engineering custom telecom software solutions, such as telecom network applications, call accounting software, IoT solutions, AI-driven data analytics, OSS/BSS solutions, VoIP-based services, and machine learning algorithms.

  • FinTech
  • EdTech
  • MarTech
  • HealthTech
  • PropTech
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • HoReCa
  • Social
  • Telecom


Dedicated Team

  • Team of IT experts working on your project full-time
  • You can manage the team by your own or we can do it for you


  • We provide a required talents to temporarily expand an existing in-house team during the contract term
  • You’ll have total control over the process and a rented team

Time and Materials (T&M)

  • It perfect suits to reduce technical debt, optimize the analytics process and delegate hard and time-consuming project tasks to professionals
  • We’ll describe the rough scope of the job along with a quote for a fixed hourly wage plus the cost of materials

Fixed price

  • Best option for small or urgent projects with clear, stable and established requirements
  • The payment amount does not depend on resources used or time expended by an IT company

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Custom Business


Startups are a very special kind of business. To work with a startup successfully, one needs to have the same mentality as a startup entrepreneur. Fortunately, Digicode’s entire leadership team has been a startup entrepreneur at some point in their lives and intimately knows the startup reality. We have a track record of success working with startup ventures, assisting in bringing their idea to market and beyond. From early-stage design to production and market fulfilment, we offer the guidance, skills and insight that deliver outstanding results and ongoing success.

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Small and Medium Business

We provide the fuel for your growth, working in partnership with you in every aspect of your business. From business strategy to architectural design, our experience, understanding and professional objectivity will prove invaluable in achieving your objectives and outcomes in today’s increasingly competitive markets.

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As your business grows, the internal processes change, customer expectations evolve, and most often, legacy systems are no longer able to meet the new business requirements. It becomes more and more difficult to keep pace with the latest technology advancements. Legacy applications tend to become expensive to maintain as tech gets older and the pool of available developers who can support the old system reduces.