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    Development of a dashboard for an AI-based virtual event platform

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    Our Digital Design team helped a leading Finance & Accounting platform for Early-Stage Startups to optimize the user flow and simplify the analysis of financial data


    Robust and comprehensive dashboard


    User-friendly and responsive design that engages

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    Fun features for engaging users in the most profitable way

    The Customer

    The client (the project is under NDA) is an AI-based platform that provides conversational intelligence, GDPR training, and digital marketing solutions for businesses.

    It is designed to enhance attendee experiences by providing personalized recommendations through its recommendation engine. The platform also offers features that assist sponsors and exhibitors in effectively showcasing their products and services to capture more leads. Additionally, the platform provides interactive sessions that allow attendees to engage more deeply compared to other platforms or in-person events.


    The client approached with a request to create a dashboard for their SaaS platform for managing online lectures and conferences. Their main goal was to design a flexible and user-friendly dashboard allowing users to easily create and manage their online events.

    In accomplishing this task, we encountered some challenges, including:

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    Designing a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and accessible, even for clients who may be unfamiliar with SaaS platforms

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    Incorporating a diverse range of features that deliver real value to clients, including customizable SEO settings, engaging gamification elements, and the ability to create surveys and polls

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    Developing a dashboard that strikes the right balance between flexibility and power, enabling easy customization of events while remaining easy to use

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    Building a dashboard that can handle high volumes of traffic while providing real-time analytics, ensuring that clients can monitor and respond to their data quickly and effectively

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    How was the SaaS Platform designed?

    To meet clients’s unique challenges, a state-of-the-art dashboard with features was developed to provide real value to clients. Here are a few key features were incorporated:

    Event Creation: The dashboard empowers clients to create and customize their online lectures and conferences effortlessly. They can upload banners and choose color palettes to reflect their brand identity and make their events more memorable.
    Speaker Management: The platform enables clients to add and manage speakers for their events seamlessly. They can input and manage complete information about each speaker, ensuring their events are organized and streamlined well.
    Sponsor Management: Clients can monetize their events by adding sponsors and setting their partnership level. They can choose from different partnership levels to increase their revenue streams and brand exposure.
    Analytics: The real-time analytics dashboard allows clients to track attendance, engagement, and other essential metrics for each event. This feature enables them to measure the success of their events and optimize future ones.
    Surveys and Polls: Clients can create surveys and polls for their events, collecting valuable feedback and insights from attendees. This feature helps clients to understand better their audience’s needs and preferences, which can improve future events.
    Third-Party Integrations: The dashboard integrates with third-party tools such as social media platforms and marketing automation tools. Clients can connect with their audience through different channels, providing a more comprehensive event experience.
    Subscription Plan: The dashboard offers a flexible subscription plan that allows clients to select the level of service that best suits their needs. Clients can choose from different subscription tiers to ensure they receive the best value for their investment.


    The design team worked diligently to complete the project on time, delivering all sources, wireframes, and design elements to the client. The result was a smooth and efficient dashboard that provides exceptional value and flexibility for managing online events.

    We’re thrilled to report that platform’s users have responded positively to the dashboard, with many praising its intuitive interface, powerful features, and real-time analytics.

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