Technology Solutions for
Small and Medium Business

Custom Software Development

What is the most common step coming after formulating an idea for a startup? Building a prototype. Prototype, Beta, MVP, Launch – these all are the phases in the lifecycle of technology-driven startups. Each phase has its goals, rules, expectations and purpose. At Digicode we helped dozens of startups to go through these phases helping them to validate the idea and the market, pitch to investors and accelerators, test the monetization models and develop the roadmap and technology strategy. Expectations from a technology partner at each one of these phases is and should be very different.

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Mobile Application Development

SMBs are operating in a space where mobile applications are likely to be used for customer facing processes as well as for internal needs. While those two categories of applications may use the same underlying technology, the goals, emphasis, paradigm and architecture of the software solution tend to be very different. Recent events of 2020 undoubtedly proven that companies that utilize mobile technology for customer facing and internal needs are more resilient and flexible in terms of their ability to conduct business in the event of disruption to a regular life flow. Digicode has experience with both types of solutions and our team built many B2B and B2C mobile applications as well as implemented internal mobility projects set to increase productivity and efficiency, and to accelerate the business process. The Digicode mobile development team has deep knowledge and expertise in UI/UX, mobile architecture, native and cross-platform technologies, security and compliance, and support of operations.

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Technology Development

Technology in any organization can be compared to an iceberg – only a smaller portion of it is exposed and visible to the outsider. Most of the hard work, complexity, integration and architecture lies beneath the surface. New entrepreneurs, especially ones building a company for the first-time, can get overwhelmed with the complexity of an organically grown solution. Today’s market offers so many solutions that can help with ecommerce, payments, supply chain, analytics, reporting, financial information, compliance and much more that even seasoned serial entrepreneurs with solid experience have to seek expert advice. The Digicode team is exposed to a multitude of technologies, solutions and architectures, learning and accumulating not only our own experience but also our customers and client’s. Our team is capable of building a solution of any complexity to support any business model. Yet we strongly believe in the build-VS-buy mentality and would never advise our clients to build a component that can be purchased off the shelf.

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In a world where the user’s attention span is measured by seconds, quality of a new product often becomes a deciding factor in an end-user’s decision to continue using the product. Even the most attractive ideas can be reduced to a nuisance by a poor quality of the implementation. We strongly believe that the quality assurance process wasn’t created just for well-established organizations. Startups must pay even more attention to what their users will see in a post MVP phase. Thus we created a testing model suited specifically for startups. Recognizing startup budget limitations we created a process that allows our QA engineers to work side-by-side with the founders and together assure highest quality of delivery on early stages of the project. Our team can also help with controlling the growing cost of the testing by early implementation of QA automation and Continuous Testing to shorten the duration of regression testing before each release and minimize the reliance on manual testers.

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  • What does SMB Technology Solutions do?

    If only huge enterprises leveraged technology a few years ago, today, the small and medium-sized business markets need to automate workflows.  A little more time and the lack of IT solutions for business can become a big trouble: from slowing down work processes to a complete company shutdown. In addition, SMB’s CEOs don’t always recognize the need to implement SMB technology solutions, considering it an unnecessary additional cost. Although, IT solutions for SMB imply using individual IT processes for each company and rationalizing all available resources.

    Thus, implementing solutions for small and medium sized business can occur at various levels, from automation of accounting and reporting processes to active digitalization, e-commerce, cloud solution and custom mobile app development.

  • What are examples of IT solutions for SMBs?

    Small and medium-sized business market is on the rise, as is their need for SMB IT services. Regarding to IT solutions for small businesses, its owners have the same challenges as everyone else. They need quick, remote access to business information, and the ability to work from anywhere using any device. So here is a list of the most popular IT solutions for SMBs that customers are requesting from Digicode:

    • Customer relationship management (CRM)
    • Project management tools
      Accounting software
    • Custom IT solutions for SMBs such as software and mobile app development
    • eCommerce software
    • Appointment Scheduling Software
    • Sales Automation Software
    • Learning Management System
    • Cloud solutions
    • IT help for small business

    If you are looking for a reliable IT partner to complement your small business’s growth, Digicode can help you find the right IT solutions for your business needs.

  • What industry does SMB Technology Solutions belong to?

    Digicode provides SMB IT services for various industries, including Healthcare, Fintech, Proptech, Martech, HoReCa, Social, Logistics&Transportation, and Telecom.

    Depending on your business needs and budget, we can offer you different IT solutions for small businesses. Contact Digicode right now and get a 30-minute free consultation from our leading SMB experts.