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    Developing an app for an auto loan repayment company

    Digicode has built a web and app-based platform that helps users aggressively pay down auto loan debt

    5+ years

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    The Customer

    PayDownHero is a user-friendly and hassle-free roundup app designed to streamline the car loan repayment process. By securely linking your bank account to car loan, this innovative app harnesses the power of spare change (roundups) from your everyday transactions, enabling you to make extra payments towards your outstanding loan amount.

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    The client has conceived an innovative web and app-based platform to assist car owners (excluding leasers) in accelerating their auto-debit repayment, managing increasing interest rates on their loans, and reclaiming more money for themselves. They sought an experienced team capable of tackling challenging questions and scenarios head-on, providing comprehensive solutions for a reasonable price.

    Our skilled developers will work closely with you to bring your vision to life and create a mobile solution that exceeds your expectations. Start transforming your ideas into a digital reality!

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    Our team embarked on the project by creating an iOS Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the loan app. To ensure a smooth development process, we conducted comprehensive planning sessions to define the scope for each of the 12 sprints. Then, we crafted the code to bring the desired design to life. Once the iOS MVP is completed, we will develop an Android version.

    Throughout the project, our dedicated business development team members actively participated in conference calls, providing continuous support and being available 24/7 whenever required. The core project team comprised a project manager and two skilled developers, who ensured the solution’s smooth progress and successful implementation.

    One of the critical aspects we prioritized was the user-centric design. We understood the importance of creating an intuitive and user-friendly application. We meticulously incorporated feedback from testing sessions into the user interface design to achieve this. We developed a comprehensive design system encompassing typography, color schemes, and iconography to ensure visual consistency and enhance user experience. Additionally, we implemented an onboarding process that guided new users through the app’s functionality and features, making it easier for them to get started.

    However, the standout feature of this project lies in the integration we established with Yodlee. This integration empowered us to work with client seamlessly accounts from almost any bank in the United States, providing users with a convenient and comprehensive financial management experience.

    By combining meticulous design, seamless integration, and robust development, our team successfully delivered a compelling iOS MVP while keeping future scalability in mind. As we move forward, we are committed to extending the same level of excellence to the Android version of the application, ensuring that the client’s vision is fully realized across multiple platforms.

    How does It work?

    1. Adding Bank Account

    Securely link users’ bank accounts to their PDH account using 256-bit AES, bank-level encryption. It enables one to calculate roundups on users’ daily transactions, apply it to their car loan, and make every penny count.


    2. Linking Auto Loan

    Linking auto loans is a breeze. Users need to sign in to an online account to make a payment, and the platform utilizes their spare change to apply monthly payments towards their loans. It accelerates their debt paydown process.

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    3. Enjoying the Savings

    Users can see savings grow, and those extra payments pile up while their auto debt decreases. If they want to expedite the process further, they can use the micro-payment feature and make additional payments with just a few clicks.

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    Since our cooperation began in 2018, we have continued to work on the project, driving ongoing success. The app’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design have earned a 5-star rating on the App Store, reflecting its exceptional performance and user satisfaction. This has boosted its visibility, attracting a growing user base and increasing engagement. We intend to refine the app, expand its functionality, and deliver continued value to the client.

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