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    Custom Fintech Software Development Services

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    Our Fintech Software Development Expertise


    Our mobile developers provide top-tier financial software development services for Android and iOS, making each solution meet the industry’s unique needs. Each application has the latest technologies to create a secure and scalable solution with a seamless user experience.

    Web Apps

    We design fast, secure, and user-friendly web applications for fintech businesses. Leverage cutting-edge technologies with our fintech software development services to ensure the new solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.


    Our back-end team develops robust and scalable solutions that power your fintech applications. We use the latest technologies to develop APIs, cloud integrations, and database management systems.


    Our front-end team creates intuitive and responsive user interfaces that enhance the UX of your fintech software. We use the latest frameworks to develop solutions that increase engagement and drive conversions.


    Our IoT solutions help fintech businesses streamline operations and improve customer experiences. We create custom IoT solutions leveraging the latest technologies to improve data collection, analysis, and communication.

    Serverless Solutions

    We use serverless architectures to develop scalable and cost-effective fintech solutions. This includes AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, and Azure Functions to provide custom financial software development services with secure and scalable apps.

    QA / QA Automation

    Our expert QA team ensures your fintech applications meet the highest quality and compliance standards. We offer automated testing services, accelerating your release cycles and improving the efficiency of your development processes.

    Focus on Cybersecurity

    Digicode prioritizes cybersecurity in all finance software development services. We use the latest security protocols, ensuring that your applications are safe and compliant. We also offer penetration testing and code reviews to identify vulnerabilities and prevent cyber threats.

    Fintech Development Services We Offer

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    Online Banking

    Our banking software development services provide secure, scalable, and user-friendly applications that perform seamless transactions. Your solution will easily maintain thousands of users with our robust back-end systems.


    Cryptocurrency Software

    We create custom cryptocurrency software that is secure, scalable, and easy to use. Our crypto solutions cover everything from wallet development to trading platforms.

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    Our team leverages blockchain technologies to develop custom solutions with increased security, transparency, and efficiency. You can get a robust blockchain solution with smart contracts, decentralized applications, and more.

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    Payment System Integrations

    We integrate payment systems with your financial applications to make purchases easier than ever. You can also get a custom payment solution that complies with your business requirements.

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    Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)

    Our team develops custom BNPL solutions that are secure, scalable, and easy to use. They are designed to help businesses increase sales and improve customer experiences.

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    Fintech UI/UX and Web Design

    We create intuitive and user-friendly UI/UX designs that enhance the user experience of your applications. You will get a good-looking application that attracts customers and makes them choose your services due to the comfort and simplicity of our designs.

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    Data Analytics in Fintech

    Leverage the power of data analytics to gain insights that help you make informed business decisions. You will know why, where, and how your customers make purchases. Our data analytics services cover everything from data warehousing to predictive analytics.

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    Staff Augmentation Services

    Digicode can help you scale your team with our staff augmentation services. Our engineers will apply their industry experience to ensure your team delivers high-quality fintech solutions and solves the most complex challenges.


    AI-enabled Fintech Solutions

    Our fintech application development services leverage the usage of AI and machine learning to develop efficient and accurate software. This covers everything from fraud detection to customer service, ensuring you’re always one step ahead of your competitors.

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    Fintech Custom Software Development Process

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    Gathering Requirements

    Our fintech app development services start by gathering the software requirements, defining current problems, understanding your requests, and preparing the necessary documentation. We also analyze the market and customer needs if needed.

    Designing Software

    Our experts design a roadmap based on your needs and goals, working collaboratively with you to determine the best project methodology, deadlines, and partnership model. We also develop comprehensive documents and coding guidelines, discuss the tool’s runtime and frameworks, and do everything to ensure successful project implementation.

    Developing and Testing

    Software development for financial services requires building secure and efficient applications that comply with all industry regulations. We build the app based on the design decisions made and test it at each stage to ensure you get a flawless result.


    We deploy the solution into a production environment, instructing and training your organization’s employees on how to use the new software.

    Operations & Maintenance

    You get all the necessary documents and a complete set of source codes. In addition to software development for financial services companies, we also analyze your network settings and infrastructure configurations and monitor the performance of application services in production.


    Custom Fintech Development Use Cases

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    Partnering with a fintech software development company will help you get robust solutions for policy management, claims processing, underwriting, and other activities. A custom solution will improve your insurance company’s operations efficiency and reduce costs.

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    Develop tailored digital platforms, portfolio management, investment analysis, and financial planning tools. You can integrate any feature, from personalized recommendations using AI to real-time data insights, to make informed investment decisions.

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    Transform payment processing with secure, user-friendly, and fast payment gateways. You can get a solution that handles any number of users, facilitating seamless transactions, and enhancing customer convenience.

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    Utilize advanced credit and risk assessment algorithms to facilitate transparent loan disbursal and investment opportunities. Our solutions can help you provide efficient loan management systems, build marketplaces for borrowers and lenders, and more.

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    Integrate secure payment gateways, escrow services, and fraud prevention measures into your e-commerce application or platform. You can build a convenient tool for buyers and sellers to get a top-tier and profitable experience.

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    Create budgeting tools, personalized financial management systems, and other tools for the banking industry. You can leverage AI and ML to enhance customer engagement, simplify banking processes, and offer tailored financial products.

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    • How do I choose a finance software development company?

      Choosing a fintech software company is challenging and requires you to consider many factors. Primarily you must check the team’s case studies to ensure they have all the experience needed. As a banking software development team, Digicode has a lot of successful projects in the industry.

      Your fintech development company should also have a robust approach to collaboration and communication. If that’s good, then consider the team’s pricing and PM approach to ensure they deliver your project on time and within budget.

    • How long does it take to develop custom fintech software?

      The development time for custom fintech software varies depending on multiple factors like the software’s complexity, required features, and the development team’s experience. It can be anything between 4 and 12 months. More features mean more time for their implementation.

    • How much does custom fintech software cost?

      The prices for custom fintech development depend on factors like the tech stack, developer’s experience, and software complexity. You may expect the price for financial mobile app development to start at $40,000 and go beyond $100,000. Get a detailed estimate by contacting Digicode today!

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