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    As organizations grow and evolve, their business applications and software lag the new business realities. To stay relevant and be competitive, organizations need to modernize tech, but often:

    • Fear change and disrupting existing tech.
    • Face the dilemma of choosing the right time for modernization.
    • Fear high-risk factors and high investment that comes with adopting new technologies.

    Digicode’s technology modernization solutions help companies answer these questions and accelerate business transformation. Our proven software modernization approach can help businesses modernize without surprises and the risk of breaking the working process. Our IT modernization services experts can help discover new opportunities by implementing new business models, improved productivity, and global distribution. Connect with an IT modernization company to learn how tech modernization solutions can enhance business efficiency.

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      Our Technology Modernization Solutions

      Legacy System Modernization

      Cloud Migration

      With a technology modernization company, seamlessly move your applications and infrastructure to the cloud, leveraging its flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency to optimize your operations.

      Application Modernization

      Revamp your existing applications by modernizing their architecture, user interfaces, and functionalities to meet evolving business needs and deliver superior user experiences.

      Data Migration and Integration

      Efficiently transfer and integrate your data from various sources into new systems, ensuring data accuracy, integrity, and accessibility for improved decision-making.

      DevOps Transformation

      Implement DevOps practices and automation to streamline your software development and deployment processes, fostering collaboration, agility, and faster time to market.

      Digital Strategy Consulting

      Use our enterprise application modernization consulting to develop a comprehensive digital strategy aligned with your business objectives, leveraging technology to drive innovation and achieve competitive advantage.

      Technology Roadmap Planning

      Define a clear technology roadmap for your organization, identifying key milestones and agile initiatives to guide your technology investments and future-proof your operations.

      Training and Change Management

      Equip your team with the necessary skills and knowledge to embrace technological changes, providing training and change management support to facilitate a smooth transition.

      Our Tech
      Modernization Process



      A comprehensive, well-defined, and continuous process is needed for successful business modernization. We meet the management and operational team to understand 

      • Current needs and challenges
      • Their vision for the new system


      The next step in delivering IT modernization consulting services is an audit that assists in identifying loopholes and uncovering hidden opportunities. Internal process audit helps understand the processes from a business standpoint.

      Streamline Process

      The next step to modernization is to Identify the interdependencies between different processes, find ways to make processes faster and improve quality. A plan mentions today’s state and outlines the desired shape to be created.

      Gradual Change

      The longer route of gradual change enables successful replacement rather than a complete replacement approach. This approach allows you to find immediate improvement areas and what you can improve over time. With a gradual change approach, we ensure smooth implementation, reducing system failure or capital expenditure.

      Benefits of Technology Modernization Consulting Services

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      Tech modernization solutions ensure the realization of business goals, help to optimize maintenance and operation costs

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      We use modern technologies to ensure that modernized systems are reliable, always available, secure, and recoverable



      The updated software provides a high level of differentiation of access to information and company resources

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      Changes in the IT infrastructure, adaptation to the company needs to occur synchronously with changes in the market

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      The information resources you need will be available at anytime from anywhere in the world

      Reasons to Choose Technology Modernization Services from Digicode

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        Extensive experience

        With 13+ years of experience in digital transformation, software, and mobility solutions, Digicode is a team of world-class innovation and business excellence experts. We delivered 250+ digital solutions to help businesses leverage the power of technology.

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        Performance boost for high-load systems

        As a tech modernization company, we have extensive experience in software re-engineering services, improving flexibility and adding new features. Handling complex business modernization, we focus on boosting performance to make it a few times faster, which helps our clients beat the competition.

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        Costs reduction

        We have a lot of successful cases of delivering extra value to businesses with our technology modernization solutions. Our domain knowledge and unique approach allow us to bring high performance, flexibility, scalability, and competitive advantages into outdated software, thus helping clients save on maintenance costs.

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        Data security

        We ensure our client’s data and user information are protected and secured. Digicode experts use advanced data security methodologies and security best practices. As a leading technology modernization company, we focus on ensuring only authorized employees/users can access data.

      What Our Clients Say


      • What is technology modernization consulting?

        Enterprise application modernization consulting is the adaptation of new technologies and improved methods to increase efficiency, achieve business goals and meet market requirements.
        Every business uses technology to perform operational functions or serve customers. A successful business must quickly adapt to market changes. If your software doesn’t meet all the business needs or creates challenges for your operation, it is time to update your technology and modernize your business.

      • When do I need technology modernization consulting?

        The right time for IT modernization services is when your current technology does not support your business needs, or you plan to scale within one or two years. Consider business transformation. Our tech modernization company experts can find the right solution and new ways to automate the business processes that can help you optimize maintenance costs, reduce turnaround times, improve performance, and increase ROI. Read the Complete Guide to Technology Modernisation for more information.

      • How much do IT modernization consulting services cost?

        The cost of tech modernization solutions depends on many factors. To estimate it, we need to conduct an audit and understand the size of the software and business complexity. To calculate the approximate modernization cost, you require multiplying the expert’s hourly rate by the hours spent. Usually, some key improvements can be made within the first two months for small or medium businesses. A complete technology modernization will likely take 6-18 months of engineering work.
        This process can be more protracted and expensive for large-scale enterprise projects.

      • Who works in an IT modernization company?

        Technology modernization companies may vary from project to project. Still, the technology modernization team usually includes business analysts, software architects, UI/UX designers, software developers, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, and Project Managers. Our tech modernization solutions experts ensure you get the best software modernization services.

      • How to choose a technology modernization company?

        Here is a step-by-step guide on how to choose a tech modernization company:
        1) Understand how your competitors modernized their technology. Analyze your business domain for successful examples;
        2) Ask questions to technology modernization providers;
        3) Check the software modernization vendor’s technology and expertise;
        4) Find the right IT modernization company that fits your needs.
        Here is the Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Technology Modernization Partner.

      Allied Tech Modernization Services

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      Legacy System Modernization

      Legacy modernization solutions help deliver a seamless customer experience that drives higher revenues, improves productivity, and reduces cost.

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      UI/UX Modernization Services

      UI & UX Design consulting services team can help you conquer your modernization challenges with our proven methodology technology. trends and ensure easy use, flexibility, and adaptability.

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      Cloud Migration Services

      Our cloud migration services handle migrations efficiently and with minimal disruption.



      We help upgrade and redesign your existing software to match the latest technology trends and ensure easy use, flexibility, and adaptability.