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    Enhancing the User Experience of a Finance App

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    Digicode helped the technology driven startup succeed with technology consulting & dedicated team services


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    Increase in user satisfaction was observed

    The Customer

    Financial App (the project is under NDA) is a trusted outsourced Finance & Accounting firm specializing in helping early-stage startups scale through cutting-edge technology and expert knowledge. They offer accounting and finance solutions for startups, including bookkeeping, financial modeling, AP/AR management, payroll services, and much more.


    As an outsourced finance and accounting firm for early-stage startups, the Client came with a request to analyze their existing platform and suggest improvements to the user interface. During the project, there were several challenges:

    number one

    Understanding the complex financial and accounting terminology used in the platform, and ensuring that the user interface was clear and easy to understand for users who may not have a background in finance

    number two

    Simplifying the user flow and optimizing the platform to make it more accessible and user-friendly for all user types


    Designing a reports page that presented tables and large amounts of information clearly and concisely to read and work with the data efficiently

    Overcoming these challenges demanded a high degree of technical expertise and creativity. The design team was committed to finding effective solutions to deliver real value to the Client and its users.

    Digicode Digital Design provides UI/UX design services to clients seeking to enhance their product’s user experience.

    We specialize in providing expert solutions to clients facing UX challenges and have been doing so since 2008. Our team is committed to finding effective solutions that deliver value to our clients and their users. Looking to improve your platform’s user interface? Contact us today to learn how we can help!

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    How was designed a Financial App?

    To address these challenges and improve the user interface of the Financial App, several key features were implemented, including:

    A user flow analysis was performed to identify the main issues users might face when using the platform. It allowed to optimize the flow and simplify the user adoption process.
    The visual part of the platform was fixed, making sure the accents were right and the platform was easy to read, despite the large amount of financial and accounting information displayed on the screen.
    A reports page was designed that included tables and much information. lose attention was paid to the tables to ensure they were comfortable to work with, and added filters and table settings to simplify the user experience.


    The team’s efforts to improve the user interface of the Financial App have yielded excellent results. By redesigning the platform’s user flow and visual elements, it was made more intuitive and user-friendly for early-stage startups. In addition, the team also redesigned the reports page, making it easier to analyze financial data. The solutions have significantly improved the platform’s overall usability and functionality. As a result, the Client has expressed their satisfaction with the work. As a result of the excellent work, additional projects were secured from the Client.

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