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    Microsoft Dynamics 365
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    Digicode, a credible Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution provider, can help expedite business automation and intelligence for clients, bring consistency in industrialized processes, and reduce overhead costs and inventory for SMBs and enterprises.

    We deliver a full range of Dynamics 365 ERP consulting services, ERP and CRM implementation, Power Platform (PBI) and AI solutions. Whether you need a professional to handle your ERP implementation, build custom functionality, integration with other platforms, or provide support and user adoption training – Digicode can help.

    Our Dynamics 365 Services

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    Upgrades & Adds-On

    As a Microsoft Dynamics ERP consulting provider, we can customize and expand with additional packages developed with your industry’s best practices.

    New Implementations

    Our ERP implementation consultants will assist with migrating or developing a brand-new ERP system within your company according to your requirements.


    Digicode’ is always available to contribute to your ERP software’s success by providing the best possible implementation, education & support.

    Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business

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    Improved Efficiency

    Microsoft Dynamics ERP services enhance efficiency by reducing manual processes and integrating department collaboration. It offers a single platform to access ERP, CRM, data, and Office applications.

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    Advanced Reporting

    Enterprise Resource Planning system provides unified reporting that allows you to analyze and compare functions across departments without the hassle of multiple spreadsheets and emails. It also allows refined and complex reports.

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    Data security

    Enterprise Resource Planning Software provides significant data security advantages, as they store large amounts of data in one place. Cloud-based ERP systems offer higher security and provide constant backups to ensure data safety.

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    Reduced costs

    Microsoft ERP software implementation services can help you save money in the long run. You can merge your IT costs using one ERP software instead of spending dollars on multiple systems that need additional staff, infrastructure, and licenses.

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    and user-friendly UX

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is easy to use and customize according to your business needs. It integrates with other Microsoft products to enhance efficiency, and users can access it from various devices and platforms, such as Outlook, web browsers, and mobile devices.

    Industries We Cover in Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Consulting Services

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    Professional Services

    Our Key Differentiators

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      Certified Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution provider with 15+ years experience

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      An efficient Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP consulting services available for any industries needs

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      Trusted by market leaders from diverse industry segments

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      A focus on critical business requirements and issues

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      Knowledge of financial accounting for various industries

    Our Success Stories


    Sales process automation for a global car dealer

    Digicode helps the car dealer supercharge its sales process and increase conversion with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    See Case Study

    Winner automotive


    ERP Solution for Non-profit Organizations

    Digicode has helped Science and Technology Center to gain visibility and control over Grant Management with Dynamics 365 Business Central

    See Case Study

    Dynamics 365


    Rekindling of Microsoft Teams with Gamification

    Digicode Implemented Gamification into Teams App that Enhanced the Learning Experience for Teachers and Their Classes

    See Case Study

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    See the Big Picture with Our Microsoft ERP Software Implementation Services

    Streamline your everyday financials and operations with Dynamics 365 — an enterprise resource planning software that helps you collaborate effectively, optimize business tasks, and drive growth.

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    Technology Modernization Services

    Our modernization experts can consult you, helping you discover new opportunities through the implementation of new business models, improved productivity, usability and efficiency, and global distribution.


    Cloud Migration Services

    Our cloud migration services handle migrations efficiently and with minimal disruption.


    Custom Software Development Services

    Team of seasoned custom software development experts to deliver world-class results for your organization, maximizing the opportunities that support future growth.


    Microsoft Dynamics Consulting Services

    We help upgrade and redesign your existing software to match the latest technology trends and ensure easy use, flexibility, and adaptability.



    • What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Is it specifically a CRM or ERP system?

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 can include CRM and ERP software to fit your needs precisely. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a line of intelligent business applications that cover all business processes from financial management, sales, production, and logistics, to customer relationship management and business intelligence. It allows you to use a single platform to solve most business problems and includes ERP systems – Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (Axapta), Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV); CRM – Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement; applications for analyzing, visualizing and automating data – Microsoft Power Platform, Power Apps.

    • Why should I opt for Microsoft Dynamics 365?

      If you’re looking for ERP, there are dozens of different solutions. All of them have some advantages and disadvantages. As an ERP Consulting Firm, we strongly recommend Business Central integration for at least 30% ROI for small to mid-sized businesses.
      Dynamics 365 is the best, thanks to low costs and simplified implementation compared to other systems. It is built on Microsoft’s infrastructure and can easily integrate any business application. One of Microsoft’s statements is to pay only for the features you need, which helps optimize maintenance costs and speed up implementation.

    • Who needs Microsoft ERP Software Implementation Services?

      Consulting ERP Microsoft services facilitate and optimize the company’s processes. With Microsoft Dynamics ERP consulting provider, you can find ways to make ERP operations faster, increasing the employee’s KPI and boosting business profitability. ERP consulting can help to eliminate challenges at different levels of work with the system.
      Digicode ERP consultants will analyze all processes and provide a clever solution. It will help employees make fewer mistakes, quickly correct already committed ones, solve tasks and work optimally with the system.

    • How much does Microsoft CRM consulting cost?

      The development and implementation of ERP software are expensive for the company. Some ERP consulting firms can promise you enterprise products cheaper than the market. But a quality result cannot be reasonable. First, a plan and analysis are sketched based on the company’s activities. Unique algorithms are developed to solve specific business problems. Further, the working module is implemented, and ERP is implemented. So, the price directly depends on business requirements.

      As a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution provider, we’re client-focused. To calculate the ERP project, we completely immerse ourselves in your business, studying all internal processes, weaknesses, problems, and tasks. After that, we provide a budget-friendly estimate considering all business requirements and needs.

    • How long do Microsoft ERP software implementation services take?

      Proper Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP implementation takes time. Each stage should be carefully planned, implemented and tested. You must spend a lot of time immersed in business processes, developing tools to solve the company’s problems and tailored solutions for your business. As a Microsoft Dynamics ERP consulting provider, we recommend planning, as it will take at least 3 months to complete the project.

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