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    Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Technology Modernization Partner

    Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Technology Modernization Partner

    Elkhan Shabanov

    March 25, 2021

    The technology modernization task isn’t as daunting if you choose the right technology partner for your business. A perfect technology partner who is well equipped, expert, and flexible with your business demands can help you sail through the technology modernization process without any hiccups.

    This article is a simple 4 step guide to hire the right technology partner for your business.

    How to choose a technology modernization partner?

    The modernization vendor selection process is very simple and straightforward. You need to verify the capability of the technology partner to perform the same business task as before by swapping the pieces with technological superiority.

    Find the best technology modernization partner for your business with the following steps:

    1. Understand how your competitors modernized their technology

    Once you decide it’s time to modernize, start looking for successful examples in your network.

    • What changes did they bring?
    • How they did it?
    • What processes/system they kept constant?
    • Did it work for them?

    2. Ask questions to technology modernization providers

    Look out for technology solution providers with good references. Someone with significant experience in undertaking the business modernization processes. You can invite many vendors to understand the offering of these technology leaders.

    • What approach they have in mind?
    • How confident are they about success?
    • Any experience with this approach?
    • How they plan to execute this project?
    • What is the cost estimation for the project?

    Asking crucial questions unfolds new thoughts, ideas for innovative solutions with better results.

    3. Check vendor’s technology and expertise

    When you plan your entire business or process modernization, it gets even more challenging to find a reliable vendor. Your technology partner needs to have the technical skills and your business understanding. This vendor needs to have significant expertise in your business and industry.

    The modernization vendor needs to be capable of understanding how your business operates. A team well-versed in the rules and limitations circulating in the industry. For, e.g., the healthcare industry needs to adhere to various compliances about patient treatment and guidelines. Your technology partner needs to analyze how to conduct your business, what you can do better, how to implement it.

    4. Find a balanced partner

    The most important aspect of finding a vendor is to seek a partner who cares about project outcomes no less than you. Usually, small vendors are deeply involved in the process, aiming for the best possible outcome. Your success is an essential criterion for them to seek quality referrals. But, these small vendors lack the technical expertise to offer innovative solutions.

    On the other hand, larger consulting firms have all the horizontal expertise i.e. technology and vertical expertise i.e. industry, to offer you innovative solutions. Yet, they lack the genuine time and investment in each project due to their long list of clients.

    So the best potential partner is the one who can keep a balance in these three criteria. Choose a company with the necessary expertise and technology while caring enough about your modernization success.

    How to conduct technology modernization without hampering business routine?

    The performance optimization techniques and period vary according to the various business models. Suppose your company has process cycles like monthly, quarterly or yearly, or bi-annual. You have to test your system through these cycles. Verify if the new systems function as expected and produce the same or even better output.

    This method leads to disrupt the daily functioning of the business. The one-time complete transition has a higher risk and investment. However, a simple approach can reduce business risk considerably. You can split your business team or workforce into two groups. While the new system is under development, one group can use the old system, and the second group use the new technology for the system testing.

    This gradual approach reduces the dependency of the business on the new technology. If new technology is facing some problems, your team can use the old system without compromising daily functionality. This ensures the technology partner adapts technology modernization without disrupting your business.

    Want to learn more what is tech debt and its impact on businesses? Check out our article, “Understanding Technical Debt Meaning: Definition, Impact and Tips for Businesses.”

    Why Digicode is a potential technology modernization partner?

    Digicode has decades of experience in various industries and sectors, including heavily regulated industries. We have worked with small companies of 10-20 employees to Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

    With Digicode, you get access to experienced technical professionals and industry experts. You receive an entirely dedicated team to make your business a successful example. Digicode provides a customized business solution to clients by understanding their business process and technology needs.

    If you are looking forward to renovating your business process, grab the opportunity. Reach out to Digicode to discuss your business solution now!

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