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    Is Your Business Ready to Embrace the New Way of Working?

    Is Your Business Ready to Embrace the New Way of Working?

    Elkhan Shabanov

    August 20, 2021

    The pandemic has seen organizations shift gears and reconsider their enterprise models to sustain and grow. Thus, we are seeing organizations adopting models of remote, hybrid work environments. Initially, this was a real challenge for most organizations, as most of the businesses were not equipped to manage remote working environments.

    We all went through struggles initially due to lack of technology infrastructure, lack of system access at remote locations, managing scattered teams, etc. Even managing the daily interactions on Zoom or Microsoft Teams was challenging as we were so used to face-to-face team meetings and working together.

    We all certainly missed interacting with our colleagues, which often opened new possibilities and gave us new ideas, such as implementing architecture solutions that enabled us to seamlessly adapt to effective collaborations.

    Adapting to New Realities

    As physical meetings became impossible and people were forced to work remotely, we were forced to adapt to the new realities. Businesses that successfully adapted became work-centric rather than workplace-centric. They evolved their processes and used technologies to enable employees to work from remote home locations. Many businesses also adopted new tools to manage projects and enable remote interactions.

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    Hiring Remote Talent

    As the teams started working remotely, many businesses used remote working as an opportunity to solve the scarcity of skilled talent in the technology domain, especially regarding fintech development services. Businesses leveraged remote working cultures to hire talent from different geographies or do staff augmentation by hiring consultants from different companies to supplement their workforce and get the skills that were not available in-house. Thus, these businesses adapted to the new remote work environment and were able to leverage it for their business.

    Working from Home – Employees

    For employees, remote working provided the flexibility to manage their work and be flexible with their working hours. Most employees hoped that flexible timings, working from home and less time spent commuting will result in more time for themselves and with families. But as people worked from their homes, the office working hours automatically extended.

    Many employees found themselves working beyond office hours as the line between the office and home was virtually erased. It wasn’t as visible during lockdowns – lack of alternatives made it easier to spend more hours working.

    Lack of Community and Teamwork

    The stress levels increased as we spent long hours in front of computers, without face-to-face interaction or communication. As human beings, we are social and can’t live in isolation. While there are various platforms for video calling, the jury is still out to find if it can be as efficient as sitting together in brainstorming sessions.

    Balancing Office, Remote, and Hybrid

    All businesses are trying to find a balance between working from office, remote, or hybrid. The new way of working is certainly a reality. Many companies have realized that working from remote locations is certainly a possibility.

    At Digicode, we have seen our work increase as we work on more projects, as many companies are showing interest in outsourcing. Our proven model is helping us provide skilled technology staff and successfully manage projects across different geographical locations, with teams from different cultures and backgrounds.

    So, what has been your experience? What is your preferred model office, remote or hybrid? Tell us how you adapted to a new work environment in the comments below.

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