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    Press Release

    Digicode Takes Dublin Tech Summit 2023


    Marketing Team

    June 7, 2023

    Celebrating Digicode participation in Dublin Tech Summit-2023 as the first-time representative of the Ukrainian technology sector at the famous Irish event!

    We extend our deepest appreciation to IT Ukraine Association for their exceptional efforts in participating in one of the fastest-growing B2B technology events in Europe.

    Also, our heartfelt appreciation goes out to Tracey Carney and Charlotte Plum for organizing the panel discussion centered around “Digitalizing Businesses in Uncertain Times.”

    The event aimed to highlight the industry’s potential and the infinite possibilities it offers, so It has earned us this amazing recognition! 

    gray bell

    We were thrilled to engage with the brilliant minds shaping the tech industry. The conference provided a platform to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and build valuable connections within the responsive tech community.

    — Alex Karichensky, CEO Europe

    digicode employees

    By actively participating in the event, Digicode expanded its network and heightened their profile within the industry. We connected with tech experts worldwide, fostering valuable relationships and promoting collaboration among decision-makers.

    “An incredibly useful event for establishing new connections to show the IT community not only our custom software products but also the experience of implementing Microsoft Dynamics Services” –  said Yaroslava Movchan, MS Dynamics Delivery Manager, Digicode Europe.

    Our main mission was reached by close cooperation with the worldwide market discussing our cutting-edge technologies that will unlock new opportunities and shape the future.

    Experience more updates from #DTS23 and stay informed to be at the forefront of industry trends with Digicode.

    Join our LinkedIn community to stay ahead of the curve or contact us to learn more about our services!

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