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5 Ways to Hire Tech Talent during “THE GREAT RESIGNATION.”

Elkhan Shabanov

January 18, 2022

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, resignations in America peaked at 4.4 million in September 2021, accelerating the trend known as The Great Resignation. The resignations are highest in the tech and healthcare industries, with a 4.5% increase in the tech market. Job openings surged to 11 million in the USA, suggesting a shortage of talent that can hamper employment growth and the economy.

So, how can employers hire teams/resources in the tidal wave of resignations in such a challenging scenario?

Due to the global competition for technology talent, finding innovative and tech-savvy professionals for your business is getting very challenging. While there are countless avenues to hire employees and many platforms to help you, the process is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive.

Not to mention, there are no metrics to determine the prospective candidate’s intelligence or technical awareness, making it a risky gamble.

Across the world, 54% of companies are experiencing a talent shortage amidst “THE GREAT RESIGNATION.”. When businesses cannot recruit and retain suitable candidates, it hampers their operations, production, sales, and growth in many ways.

Time for A Paradigm Shift in the Hiring Processes

The only solution to overcome the “The Great Resignation” challenge is to rethink your hiring process.

Companies that hire employees directly (B-to-E model) need to invest extensively in training, management, and retention. Typically, a new employee takes between 3 and 6 months to complete training and deliver the expected output. However, if this employee leaves the company, it becomes a dead investment. As a result, B-to-E relationships can be risky and costly for organizations.

So many companies are now considering staff augmentation or hiring services (B-to-V model) to minimize the hassles of recruiting, training, and managing employees. B-to-V Model reduces the risk for businesses, increases delivery speed, and promotes longevity while giving a good ROI.

If you’re facing the same challenges as many companies, these insights from our experience of recruiting and retaining technology talent might help you.

 1. Understanding the Candidate’s Psyche

Research has shown that the offer acceptance rate depends greatly on the response time. For instance, it is 85% for 1 day, 60% for 3 days and 10% for 5+ days. So, when there are fewer stages in the process and a faster response from the company, there are higher chances of hiring.

Our team at Digicode understands the candidate’s psyche, and we have modified our recruitment process to ensure faster closures.

 2. Designing Processes after Understanding the Psyche 

We also understand that candidates demand maximum information on the project before or during the screening calls, so our staff augmentation services provide end-to-end information to boost acceptance.

With a pre-selected methodology for candidate assessment, we ensure the right candidates get selected. Our streamlined recruitment process ensures a higher chance of candidates accepting the offers. As a result, we have closed more positions and have given a predicted timeline of recruitments.  Know more about our IT Staff Augmentation process.

 3. Offering Excellent Policies that Help Retain Talent 

Focus on building employee-centric policies in a conducive work environment to ensure that employees are happy, stay with you for a longer time, and recommend you to their friends and family. (87% of employees do recommend Digicode!) Our high eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) score of 78, which is 43 points higher than the competition, testifies to our position as a great employer.

A stable work environment with high benefits packages in medical insurance, gym facilities, kids’ insurance, and many other perks help retain talent. The Learning Management System ’42 Stairs’ offers constant learning opportunities for the personal development of teams and gives them many more reasons to stay.

4. Leveraging Digital Platforms for company Branding

As a company in modern times, Digicode strategically invests in branding itself as a great employer and a local brand in markets that we are present. Using digital platforms to build a rapport gives us an edge in this challenging hiring market. We are active on social media channels in local languages and do a campaign even on TikTok to connect with prospective talents.

Charity work and building a community to establish a bond with the local market also helps attract talent across all levels. Thus, as a staff augmentation company, we can attract and deliver appropriate talent even in “THE GREAT RESIGNATION.”

 5. Delivering Different Models for Different Client Requirements  

Our IT Staff augmentation services increase recruiting efficiency, deliver verified and skilled resources that match the job requirements and bring in cross-functional expertise. Our Staff Augmentation process includes candidates’ background checks, CV screening, technical interviews, and more, resulting in only competent resources for your organization.

The one-size-doesn’t-fit-all approach is true in hiring, and thus, Digicode customizes 3 engagement models for IT Staff augmentation services. You can choose a ‘Full Package’ that delivers end-to-end solutions from having a dedicated recruiter to closing positions or opt for a ‘Tech Screened Candidates’ model wherein you get screened C.V.s and matrix with verified candidates. Thus, you have less dependency on your availability.

Use the above ideas to streamline your recruitment process in the great resignation. Also, consider Digicode’s IT staff augmentation services to hire highly-skilled, experienced, and professional resources to ensure minimum project delays. Our service supports you through the onboarding and training processes and empowers long-term relationships that work. Contact us today!

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