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    Digicode Releases Online Tech Assessment to help Businesses Assess their Current Technology Readiness


    Marketing Team

    April 21, 2021

    Plano, TX – Apr 21, 2021 – Digicode, a leading tech modernization service provider, has released an online tech assessment for companies who want to assess their technology readiness.

    As organizations grow and evolve, their tech becomes obsolete with respect to the new business realities. Manual processes and systems become increasingly error-prone, expensive, risky, and slow. Businesses often feel the need for Tech Modernization. But technology modernization decisions may involve substantial capital and resource investments and affect working in the organization. All this means any tech Modernization decisions are not easy for organizations.

    However, using a structured process to assess and select a technology solution helps you get around this problem, reduce risks, and achieve your true objectives by forcing you to both identify the right problem and solve it in the right way.

    The online tech assessment is designed to help organizations and decision-makers evaluate their existing tech and provide tech modernization scope with free personalized expert reports prior to technology adoption.

    This assessment will also help you understand your technology status compared to your competitors and gauge the level of maturity of your tech systems.

    Announcing the launch of this assessment, Maksym Maslii, President, said, “With the right technology assessment, you are more likely to get a solution that suits your business requirements and environment. Technology assessment done prior to technology adoption reduces the risk of ineffective investment decisions. We at Digicode understand how imperative tech assessment is for the growth of any organization & hence we came up with this idea of a tech assessment.”

    You can take this short assessment right here and check the future-readiness and possible tech modernization options of your existing tech.

    About Digicode

    Digicode is a Custom Software Development and Tech Modernization company based in Dallas, Texas. For over 10 years now, we have delivered world-class results in developing mobile applications, web applications, and server platforms aided by our professional objectivity, flexible engagement models, and bespoke solutions.

    With our solution-oriented approach, deep understanding of the business goals, and unique operating processes, we truly- understand customer’s needs and help them discover and benefit from new opportunities using tech.

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