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    • 6 Best CRM Software Tools 2023 – Comparison Chart
    Microsoft Software & Solutions

    6 Best CRM Software Tools 2023 – Comparison Chart

    6 Best CRM Software Tools 2023 – Comparison Chart

    Konstantin Popovchenko

    January 12, 2023

    The CRM market is known for many great products. Choosing the best option that fits all of your company’s requirements might be a challenging process. It often requires a lot of time and effort. To make it easy, we’ve compared 8 of the best CRM software examples we’ve tested.

    This CRM comparison chart lets you discover the key features and pricing and point out the right ones for building solid customer relationships. Features and ratings are based on extensive testing, feedback and years of experience.

    microsoft dynamics CRM logo salesforce company logo hubspot company logo zendesk company logo zoho CRM logo pipedrive company logo
    API Access
    Contact Management
    Contract Management
    Database Management
    Funnel Reporting
    Partner Tracking
    Performance Tracking
    Pipeline Management
    Product & Price Control
    Sales Gamification
    Quotation Handling
    Task Assignment
    Territory/Quota Management
    Customer Service Automation
    Marketing Automation
    Social Relationship Management
    Multiple Locations
    Multiple Currency
    iOS App
    Android App
    Native Web App
    Email/Help Desk
    Knowlage Base
    Phone Support
    24/7 (Live Rep)
    Starting Form $8 user/month $25 user/month From Free $19 user/month €20 user/month €12.5 user/month
    Pricing Model Per User Per User Per Products & Plans Per User & Plan Per User Per User
    Free Trial
    Free Version
    Best for both small businesses as large international organizations that have sales or marketing teams
    Best for businesses looking for a platform that provides forecasting, analytics and real-time updates
    Best free for companies of any size that need a solution with deep marketing integration
    Best for companies in need of a platform that’s equipped with permission-based security
    Best for small business to increase real-time sales visibility
    Best for startups and small-sized businesses

    How to choose the best CRM software?

    Choosing the right ones among top CRM systems is critical to attracting and retaining customers. Essentially, it comes down to two key points. To choose the right CRM, you need to:

    • explore the features of different CRMs to make the right choice,
    • know what specific CRM capabilities your team needs.

    And if everything is straightforward with the first point – we have already done the work for you. Just use our CRM Comparison Chart to see the features and pricing of the best CRM software. With the second, you will have to spend many hours determining your needs and prioritizing.

    The CRM system must be flexible and easy to scale because the business does not stand still.

    Before choosing a CRM:

    • Create a list of goals for which CRM is needed
    • Determine all participants and departments that will take part in the processes
    • Form a list of suiting CRM software examples with functional and technical requirements
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    Which CRM software solution is right for your business?

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    Critical criteria for choosing a top CRM system

    1.A simple and clear interface that can be customized.

    Users shouldn’t be distracted by unnecessary buttons and system features. It would help if you made work more accessible.

    2.The ability to manage security and restrict access to data.

    The system must ensure the safety and security of data. Data cannot be stolen from outside or inside the company. Each employee should have access to the information that he needs to work.

    3.Editing history.

    It is essential to see who and when made changes to documents to restore the course of events if there are problems with the client. Previous versions of a copy must be preserved to be fixed.

    4.Ability to add new functionality.

    CRM feature implementation is usually a costly and complex process. You can only consider some things at a time and need to make some changes. If the system allows you to add the necessary blocks and functions with minimal investment quickly, this will save you plenty of time and money.

    5.Ability to disable unnecessary functionality.

    To make it convenient for employees to work, you need to eliminate those system features that clog the workspace and distract. Ideally, the employees should see only those buttons and fields they use.

    6.Quality control of input data.

    Keeping the data clean and organized is essential to find the necessary information quickly. If the СRM system determines that an employee enters data duplicating existing ones, he should know about it. If an employee enters zero instead of the letter “o” in the field, he should also find out about this.

    7.Ability to integrate with third-party systems and applications.

    It is convenient to send emails directly from the CRM rather than switch to email service. As well as edit documents and publish corporate news on social networks or run ad campaigns.

    What makes Microsoft Dynamics so special?

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation lets you unify your business from data to people and processes with modern, intelligent business applications that adapt to your changing needs.

    There are many application add-ons available for Microsoft to customize the system to your liking. For third-party integrations, there is Microsoft AppSource.

    Microsoft has invested heavily in application integration and, as a result, has carved out a leading position in the market. Microsoft also offers native integrations with other popular market-leading applications, including PowerApps and Microsoft Power BI, Teams, and Office 365. If you have a lot of Microsoft products in your company, Dynamics CRM 365 might be the best fit.

    In addition to its wide range of integrations, Dynamics CRM also offers a powerful data management solution in the form of Dataverse. What is Dataverse? This versatile platform allows you to store, manage, and share data across multiple applications and services, providing a unified view of your business data. Whether you need to track customer interactions, manage inventory, or analyze sales data, Dataverse makes it easy to access and use your data in real-time.

    Microsoft pricing varies greatly depending on the features and users included in the package. What makes Dynamics 365 more flexible and cost-effective than other CRM software examples? Dynamics 365 offers many applications that let you create your package to suit your business.

    Microsoft partners can provide you with training, support, and other Dynamics CRM consulting services. Also, once you purchase a subscription, you’ll receive immediate support with free online technical resources, community interaction, and support teams.

    Artificial intelligence is a crucial feature of this CRM system. The tool offers intuitive AI and enterprise-grade resources, such as business intelligence, that can be customized to improve customer service and sales.

    The AI features of Dynamic 365 include the following:

    • Ability to track market trends as well as customer needs
    • Sales forecasts
    • Based on past sales, recommends next steps and key topics for discussion.
    • You can actively flag trades at risk by receiving relationship status notifications
    • Support throughout the sales cycle

    Final Verdict

    Now with our CRM comparison chart, you better understand the most critical considerations when comparing CRM features and have a good idea about how to choose the top CRM system. Ultimately, we want to summarise the best CRM software examples based on our experience and dozens of real business cases.

    The best CRM overall is Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    The best free CRM is HubSpot

    The best sales CRM is Salesforce

    The best CRM for small businesses is Zoho CRM

    The best CRM for startups is Pipedrive

    The best CRM for real estate is Zendesk

    Drive the Best Value
    from Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Digicode CRM consultants can help you connect with the best CRM software for your business according to the features you value most.

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