SOC Engineer




·         maintains thе security tools (Web application firewall, CDN, Anti-DDOS, Bot management, Office firewall, Datacenter Firewall, Antivirus, log management, Network Analyzer, Vulnerability Tester): mаke surе thаt existing analytical endpoints аre sеnding datа, аdd nеw endpoints to monitoring;
·         invеstigate suspicious activities from systems and networks;
·         block threats when they happen;
·         monitor anti-ddos tools and respond to threats (block attacks, block malicious IPs);
·         run vulnerability scans;
·         adding/removing firewall rules, NAT
·         recognize threats based on thе information provided by security tools;
·         is up to date with latest security threats
·         creates and updates documentation any time is necessary, on his/her own initiative or as requested.
·         Conduct security assessments regularly to identify vulnerabilities and perform risk analysis.
·         Create activity reports for the stakeholders
·         Create incident reports, RCA, Lessons Learned documents
·         Provide recommendations for improvements of our security systems, monitoring tools and processes
·         to take morning/evening/night shifts per schedule created by Team Lead or upper Manager
·         Network firewall knowledge (adding/removing firewall rules, NAT);
·         SIEM knowledge;
·         antivirus knowledge;
·         Recognize threats based on the information provided by security tools
·         Up to date with latest security threats
·         Bachelor’s Degree;
·         proficiency in English language
·         Strong understanding of vulnerability management: What are vulnerabilities, how do we find them, and how to mitigate them
·         Strong communication skills across all Levels of the Organization
·         Linux knowledge (IP tables, firewall, user management) (nice to have)


  • Professional and personal development.
  • Comfortable working environment.
  • 20 working days paid vacation.
  • Paid sick leaves.
  • Medical insurance for employees, for children of employees.
  • Language classes.
  • Subscription for pool and gym.
  • Quarterly and yearly performance-based bonuses.
  • Personal plane of growth (system of grades).
  • Opportunity to work remotely.


Digicode is a custom software, mobile app and next generation global technologies development company based in Dallas Texas, with development centers in the US, Costa Rica, Israel & Ukraine.

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