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    HealthTech Revolution: How Hospice Source is evolving into an industry leader with IT infrastructure upgrade in partnership with Digicode

    Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP implementation
    With Digicode as a trusted technological partner, Hospice Source (USA) has experienced a comprehensive enhancement of its IT ecosystem, reaping substantial benefits.

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    The Client

    Hospice Source, founded in 1997 in Oklahoma City, was established to meet the unique demand for supplying medical equipment to a rapidly expanding community of hospice patients. Over a brief period, the company identified the necessity of offering technological solutions to hospice caregivers, streamlining the equipment procurement process for their patients.


    Hospice Source has made a strategic decision to focus on its core business rather than becoming a technology company. As a result, the company actively pursued a competent technology partner who could handle all aspects of its technology operations, including UI/UX, and ERP consulting.

    Also, Hospice Source sought to establish confidence through a business-centric strategy., prioritizing a systematic, step-by-step strategy that catered to their unique needs and objectives.

    One of the primary goals was to improve the effectiveness of all services and get everything from one team, eliminating the necessity to source specific services from multiple providers, including hosting and Azure.


    Digicode has provided a wide range of services with a business-first approach, including end-to-end product development, maintenance, and targeted problem-solving. Consolidating all services from a single source has significantly boosted operational efficiency, productivity, and the advancement of digital transformation initiatives at Hospice Source.

    Digicode is a trusted technological partner for reliable, cost-effective and scalable IoT solutions tailored to business needs. We provide high-quality services from advisory, estimation, management, implementation, deployment, ongoing maintanance and administration of technology.

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    Digicode effectively delivered a suite of development services emphasizing the seamless integration of technology and operational workflows. By prioritizing the establishment of secure and high-performing infrastructures, Digicode has facilitated a foundation for sustained success across various industries.

    The KPI metrics experienced a notable increase, reflecting positive growth and progress: While competitors primarily process 25% of orders through e-commerce, Hospice Source started to demonstrate a 90% achievement and strives to enhance this to 100% further, enabling automated order processing, cost prediction, and standardization.

    The company’s persistent efforts in optimizing infrastructure costs have been recognized by Tim Hines, Chief Information Officer at Hospice Source, highlighting Digicode’s role as a trusted partner in driving technological excellence and operational enhancement. With a holistic approach to development and infrastructure management, Digicode continues to propel industry leaders toward elevated achievements.

    Extended benefits

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    Scope of Services

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    Key Solutions Implemented:

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    Transformation of Operational Processes

    Digicode facilitated a digital transformation of Hospice Source’s operational processes, replacing outdated manual and paper-based systems with a streamlined and efficient electronic framework. This digital transformation not only optimized operational costs but also reduced the occurrence of errors in essential areas including ordering, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

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    Comprehensive Technological Overhaul

    A comprehensive suite of development services encompassed the implementation of disruptive technologies, including new servers, network infrastructure, and cloud-based solutions, ensuring a seamless and efficient IT infrastructure for Hospice Source.

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    Enhanced Online Utilization and Operational Efficiency

    Following the implementation of the solution, Hospice Source experienced a substantial increase in online utilization, achieving an impressive 90% utilization rate. As a result, operational costs were reduced and customer satisfaction was enhanced through the integration of user-friendly features.

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    Dedicated IT team

    Hospice Source optimized its IT expenditure by partnering with Digicode’s offshore team of developers, testers, and on-demand team members. Hospice Source no longer needs to hire and maintain an in-house IT team. The company can focus on its goals, the partner provides diverse employees, and the right people appear at the right time. The team flexibly meets challenging deadlines and delivers efficiently at peak loads. The tasks are delivered to the company on time with no production issues and high quality.

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    Streamlined Fulfillment Operations and Cost Savings

    technological intervention led to a notable optimization of fulfillment operations, resulting in a substantial reduction in the number of trips required for servicing patients, thereby translating into significant cost savings for Hospice Source.

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    Shift to Electronic Systems and Error-Free Information Flow

    Hospice Source’s transition to electronic systems facilitated a seamless and error-free flow of information, eliminating the inaccuracies inherent in manual transcriptions and ensuring efficient business operations.

    Benefits of Implemented Solutions

    The collaborative journey between Digicode and Hospice Source yielded substantial benefits:

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    Digital Transformation

    Hospice Source achieved a remarkable utilization rate of 90%, with 9 out of 10 orders being made online, a stark contrast to the industry average of 25%. This digital transformation not only improved customer engagement but also resulted in substantial savings for internal operational costs.

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    Efficient Fulfillment

    Before Digicode’s involvement, Hospice Source typically required 6 to 7 trips, depending on geography, to service patients, incurring substantial delivery costs. However, with Digicode’s interventions, fulfillment processes were streamlined, reducing the number of trips to just 2 to 3, resulting in a remarkable decrease in delivery expenses – up to 2 to 3 times more cost-effective.

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    Cost Reduction

    The partnership with Digicode led to a significant reduction in cloud solution costs, decreasing expenses by 5 times.

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    Efficient Software Transition

    The transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central from Microsoft, accomplished within a mere 60 days, was twice as fast as industry standards typically require, exemplifying Digicode’s technical prowess and dedication to minimizing disruptions during critical processes.

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    System Integrity Maintenance

    Regular system maintenance and updates were conducted to preserve system integrity, ensuring reliability and robustness.

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    Accelerated Investment Rollout

    The investment rollout, overseen by Digicode, was completed in 3 months, showcasing the commitment to delivering timely and high-quality project outcomes.

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    Offshore IT Team Adoption

    The adoption of a dedicated offshore IT team optimized costs and ensured timely and high-quality project deliveries.

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    Modernized IT Infrastructure

    Hospice Source’s IT infrastructure was modernized, leading to a substantial improvement in overall efficiency.

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    Scalable IT Resources

    Scalable IT resources were aligned with business needs, enhancing cost-effectiveness and adaptability.

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    Delivery Management Excellence

    Delivery management excellence was achieved, ensuring the success of critical projects and processes.

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