Real Estate


OffrBox is a web service for buying and selling real estate online. In 2017, after enacting in the USA legislation allowing real estate purchase/sale operations by electronic workflows, two clients from different states came to us with similar ideas. They wanted to сreate for buyers and sellers services that will allow end users to carry out purchase/sale transactions entirely online. It includes creating and signing sales contracts. The clients had a ready-made idea for a real estate platform but didn’t have any technical expertise. The Digicode team had to create a attractive, convenient and selling web application, taking into account the customer’s vision and requirements.

Considering the importance of the agreements made on the site, the team had to think carefully about the site’s functionality. We paid special attention to the compilation of the property page. To provide the buyer with complete information about the property and the area in which it is located, our team has implemented many services. Another challenge was integrating the real estate service with various statistical services that help clients get information about nearby schools, restaurants, shopping malls, grocery stores, and even crime statistics. We also implemented the opportunity to use the services of a broker and conduct a comprehensive investigation. We have carefully thought out the bidding procedure. We developed a particular sequence of actions between the buyer and the seller for the user experience to be similar to offline purchase and sale transactions.

Since such deals result in different types of agreements, all required contract templates were available. Site functionality allowed downloading the needed agreement template, filling it out and signing with a digital signature. As a result, the Digicode team managed to build a sequence of actions and a system of prompts on the site so that anyone can independently conduct a real estate transaction without leaving home. In just one year, we delivered a fully automated service to the customer to sell real estate, used by a vast number of user in United States